3d Printer Filament Extruder

  • Saving Power Motor
  • Make 1.75, 2.85, 3.0mm 3d filament
  • Specially designed screw barrel for 3d filament

What is a 3d Printer Filament Extruder?

3d printer filament extruder is used to make 3d printing filament material. It can make different diameter filaments like 1.75mm, 2.85mm, and 3.0mm

3d printer filament extruder uses a high-efficiency single-screw extruder as its core extruder. It is used to melt and plasticize plastic like PLA, PA, ABS, PEEK, HIPS, and HDPE.


WECOEX 3d printer filament extruder can produce accurate 3d filament with only -/+0.02mm tolerance. We have installed an online accuracy laser gauge to inspect its diameter throughout.

3d printer filament extruder has a mini-lab model and an industry production model. Their difference is their extruder size and capacity. WeCoEx can choose a suitable extruder according to your request.

3d printer filament extruder works with the filament mold, cooling, tractor, storage frame, and filament winder. All 3d printing extrusion lines will be tested before shipment.

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WeCoEx Can be Your Trustworthy 3d Printer Filament Extruder Supplier in China

3d filament extrusion machine

WCX25- 3d filament extruder is mainly used for lab 3d filament extrusion line, it occupy small space, suitable use for home, university, laboratory.

Main technical data: 

  • motor power: 2.2KW
  • Small capacity: 1-3kg/h
  • Easy move and installation with wheel
3d printer filament extrusion machines

WCX35- 3d filament extruder is a medium extruder in 3d filament extrusion line,  it can make it has auto laser dia-measuring system to control its diameter with small error.

Main technical data: 

  • motor power: 7.5KW
  • Small capacity: 8-12kg/h
  • Easy move and installation with wheel
lab 3d printer filament extruder

WCX45- 3d filament extruder is an industry model machine, it can process different plastic material, it can make 3d filament with only 0.2mm tolerance.

Main technical data: 

  • Motor power: 11KW
  • Small capacity: 15-25kg/h
  • Size: 13000mm x 1200mm x 2700mm

3d Printer Filament Extruder for Making Different Material Filament (3)

3d Printer filament extruder can process different plastic materials such as PEEK, PEI, PI, PLA, ABS, PETG, PC and so on, most of them are engineer plastic, which used for 3d printing machine.

WECOEX 3d Printer Filament Extruder Advantages

Customized Service
Customized Service

WeCoEx can customize your 3d printer filament extruder with size and material, like capacity of extruder, and size of machine.

Long time after-sales service
Long time after-sales service

WeCoEx always take responsible for our 3d printer filament extruder, and we supply 1 year spare parts with free.

high production
High Output

WeCoEx has high efficient 3d printer filament extruder which can save electrical power for you.


Strict FAT system
Online Diameter Gauge

WeCoEx instal the online diameter gauge system to make sure the high quality of final filament.

Your Premier 3d Printer Filament Extruder Manufacturer

WeCoEx produces 3d printer filament extruder more than 10 years,


3d filament extruder machine line
3d filament extrusion machine

High Efficient 3d Printer Filament Extruder

Why Choose WeCoEx to Customize your 3d Printer Filament Extruder

ppr pipe extruding line

WeCoEx is one of the leading 3d Printer Filament Extruder Factories in China

OEM & ODM 3d Printer Filament Extruder from WeCoEx

PPR pipe production line

PPR pipe extrusion line has the same extrusion process(production process) with PE pipe production line, they can be produced in one same pipe production line.

PPR pipe extrusion machine also uses the extruder to melt and plasticize the PP-R material, it can produce single and multi-layers PP-R pipes.

PPR pipe production line has a single screw extruder, PPR pipe mold, vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling tank, haul-off, cutter, and stacker, these machines worked together to make PPR pipes, it can make PPR pipes continuously.

ppr pipe extruding line

Who Will Need 3d Printer Filament Extruder

When building construction company has big demands for PPR pipes, it is better for them to purchase one set PPR pipe extrusion line to make the PPR-R pipes by themselves.

PPR line produciton line
WeCoEx- High Efficient 3d Printer Filament Extruder Manufacturer in China

Produced more than 100 sets 3d Printer Filament Extruder annually, sign FAT paper by our inspection department. 

Tech and Data of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Mode WCX-45 WCX-35 WCX-35 WCX-25
Capacity(kg/h) 20-30 15-20 8-12 2-3
Screw Diameter 45mm 35mm 35mm 25mm
L/D ratio 28:1-25:1
Total power(kw) 28 23 23 6
Diameter(mm) φ1.75/φ3.00
Tolerance(mm) 0.02 0.05
Diameter control system Between laser gauge and screw speed
Operating Temp 0-480°
L*W*H(mm) 13500×1500×2600 13500×1500×2600 6000×900×2000 3000×600×1800
Weight KG 2000 1800 800 480
  • ” We are happy to work with WeCoEx Machinery, their mixer still running well after 3 years, and we will have more cooperation with them in the near future.”

    Mohsen from Iran
  • “Excellent job done by WeCoEx team, they give us professional advice and training, we wish them happy and good health every day “

    Manson Philippines
  • “We have known each other 5 years, and we like the high quality of their plastic extrusion machines, thank you Mr. Tony and your team “

Full Automatic 3d Printer Filament Extruder PPR -The Ultimate Guide

I think you are interested in investing plastic pipe extrusion line, I will answer all the questions related to plastic pipe and its extrusion process, welcome to mail us!

What is a plastic pipe extrusion line?
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