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  • 16-1000mm socketing machine
  • Different socketing type for you choose
  • One belling machine worked for PVC/PE/PPR/PP pipes.

What is Belling Machine?

Belling machines can socket plastic pipes, and we have different belling machines for PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, and PP pipes.

WECOEX can produce semi-auto and full-automatic belling machines. The automatic belling machine has a manual button as well.

Belling machines can work for 16-1000mm plastic pipes, and they can socket solvent joint, rubber ring joint, and square joint.

WECOEX not only produces plastic belling machines but also makes plastic socketing molds.

One set belling machine can make all the above types of joints by changing the belling mold. The solvent joint is used for sewage pipes and electrical conduit pipes. The rubber ring joint is used for water-supply pipes and high-pressure pipes, while the square joint is for PP and MPP pipes.

PVC pipe belling machine is the most popular in all kinds of plastic socketing machines. We can only use U type belling mold for 16-50mm pipes and both U and R type socketing mold, and for above 50mm in the plastic belling machine.

WECOEX uses two ways of cooling in the belling machine. For small belling machines, we use air cooling, and for big diameter pipes, we use water cooling.

WECOEX produces single-pipe belling machines and double-pipe belling machines as per plastic pipe extrusion lines.

The socketing mold is produced according to the clients’ pipe diameter.

The semi-auto belling machine is used separately from the plastic pipe extrusion line, and the automatic belling machine is used online together with the plastic pipe extrusion machine. The auto-belling machine can save labor for your plant.

WECOEX has designed two heaters and one heater in the belling machine. Two heater belling machines can work faster, and we also have high-tech belling machines that cooperate with Europe belling machine manufacturers.

We also have belling machines for short pipes. They are semi-auto and can be used to make plastic pipe fittings.

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How Many Kinds Belling Machine Does WeCoEx Make?

socketing machine

WeCoEx produce 16-1000mm PVC pipe belling machine, and we have Ring joint(RJ type)and Solvent cemented joint(SCJ type).

belling machine

PE pipe beller is used to make blowing joint for PE pipes, we also call it square type socketing.

plastic pipe belling machine

PP pipe beller is used to make blowing type belling for pipes, we have max. 315mm PP pipe beller

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WECOEX Belling Machine Advantages

Customized Service
Customized Service

WeCoEx can customize your PPR pipe extrusion line as per your pipe diameter, wall thickness, capacity and brand name of electronics.

Long time after-sales service
Long time after-sales service

WeCoEx always be responsible for our PPR pipe extrusion line and clients, and we know clients are our motivation, we can learn from each other, so we supply a 1-year guarantee.

high production
High Output

WeCoEx has high efficient single screw extruder in our PPR pipe extrusion line, it has higher output and lower power, and single screw barrels are bi-metal and nitridted.

Strict FAT system
High Quality Electronics

WeCoEx only uses top international electronics in PPR pipe extrusion machines, as you can find the same spare parts in your country easily, and they always supply after-sales overseas as well.

Your Premier Plastic Tiles Making Machine Manufacturer

Plastic tiles making machine has two types: which are plastic roof tile extrusion machines, and plastic flooring tiles extrusion machine.

Plastic roof tiles making machine can produce glazed tiles extrusion line and imitation color steel tile making machine.

Plastic flooring tiles are SPC flooring extrusion line, it can make indoor plastic tiles instead of lamination flooring, bamboo flooring, and wood flooring.

Plastic roof tiles are produced by PVC and ASA film. A plastic tile making machine is used for extruding the PVC layer, and an ASA sheet will be laminated on the upper of the PVC tile.

Plastic tiles making machines also can process recycled PVC material, like waste PVC pipe, PVC panel, PVC ceiling, and PVC window profile. The waste PVC material will be in the middle of the roof tile, and we will use the new PVC material extruded on its outside.

A plastic tile-making machine can produce hollow and solid roof tile. The sold tiles are produced by forming machines, and the hollow tiles are made by forming mold; their extrusion mold is also different.

The plastic tile making machine is also using a conical twin screw extruder to make the tiles. It has the same extrusion process as the PVC sheet extrusion machine, but its forming is slightly different.

Plastic tiles are used instead of wood tiles, bamboo tiles, laminated tiles, cement tiles, and color steel tiles. The plastic glazed tile is used for homes, while the imitation color steel tiles are used for factories and workshops.

A plastic tiles making machine only can make the main titles, so it needs an embossing machine to make ridge tiles; then, it will be a set of tiles for clients.

A plastic tiles making machine can produce high-quality tiles with our special formulation. WeCoEx can set up the professional production process for our clients.

Plastic tiles making machine can produce 400-2000kg/h, and it can work for 24hours per day.

High Quality PPR Pipe Extrusion Die
High Efficient Single Screw Extruder

High Efficient Single Screw Extruder

WeCoEx uses the high efficient single screw extruder in our PPR pipe machine, we use a high-speed screw barrel on in the extruder, the high-speed screw barrel has a water jacket of feeding mouth, and screw barrel threads are specially designed for PPR material.

The Gearbox is also used the top brand and imported gear inside, it can bear high torque and fast speed of the screw, the gearbox is connected with the motor and screw barrel directly, so the power of the motor will not waste.

WeCoEx single screw extruder also uses the heavy VFD which has ensure the bigger power of the motor.




Why Choose WeCoEx to Customize your Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

ppr pipe extruding line

WeCoEx is one of the leading PPR Pipe Extrusion Line Factories in China

OEM & ODM PPR Pipe Extrusion Line from WeCoEx

PPR pipe production line

PPR pipe extrusion line has the same extrusion process(production process) with PE pipe production line, they can be produced in one same pipe production line.

PPR pipe extrusion machine also uses the extruder to melt and plasticize the PP-R material, it can produce single and multi-layers PP-R pipes.

PPR pipe production line has a single screw extruder, PPR pipe mold, vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling tank, haul-off, cutter, and stacker, these machines worked together to make PPR pipes, it can make PPR pipes continuously.

ppr pipe extruding line

Who Will Need PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

When building construction company has big demands for PPR pipes, it is better for them to purchase one set PPR pipe extrusion line to make the PPR-R pipes by themselves.

PPR line produciton line
WeCoEx- High Efficient PPR Pipe Extrusion Line Manufacturer in China

Produced more than 100sets Plastic pipe extrusion lines annually, sign FAT paper by our inspection department. 

Tech and Data of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

No. Pipe range Extruder Claw of Haul-off Cutter Type of Socketing
1 16-32mm four cavities SJSZ65 conical twin screw extruder 2claws Chip free cutter U type belling
2 16-63mm  double cavities Cm51 or 65 conical twin screw extruder 2 belts Lift cutter U type belling
3 50-110mm

Double cavities

65 conical twin screw extruder 2 claws Chip free cutter U/R/blowing type belling
4 50-160mm Double cavities Cm80 conical twin screw extruder 2 claws Chip free cutter U/R/blowing type belling
5 50-160mm single cavities 65 conical twin screw extruder 3 claws Planetary cutter U/R/blowing type belling
7 200-400mm single cavity Cm80 conical twin screw extruder 4 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
8 315-630mm single cavity Cm92 conical twin screw extruder 6 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
9 400-800mm single cavity Cm110 conical twin screw extruder 8 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
  • ” We are happy to work with WeCoEx Machinery, their mixer still running well after 3 years, and we will have more cooperation with them in the near future.”

    Mohsen from Iran
  • “Excellent job done by WeCoEx team, they give us professional advice and training, we wish them happy and good health every day “

    Manson Philippines
  • “We have known each other 5 years, and we like the high quality of their plastic extrusion machines, thank you Mr. Tony and your team “

Belling Machines – Everything you need to Know About

Belling machines play an essential role in several sectors, which include construction, manufacturing, and plumbing. With the help of these indigenous devices, the ends of the plastic pipes are shaped and formed.

Belling machines have been known to revolutionize pipe manufacturing processes by offering myriads of belling capabilities and techniques.

This article will equip you with everything you need to know about these incredible industrial devices.

Whether you’re an industrial professional or just someone curious about belling machines, this article will help you explore all the applications and intricacies of belling machines and how WeCoEx can be your belling machine manufacturer.

1.What are the different types of belling machines?

Three kinds of belling machines are most popular, which are belling machines for PVC pipes, socketing machines for HDPE pipes, and belling machines for PP pipes.

Figure 1 Automatic Belling Machine

Figure 1: Automatic Belling Machine

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipes are widely used in irrigation, plumbing, and various other industrial applications. Typically, the solvent cement method is employed by belling machines for PVC pipes. These machines consist of various sizes to accommodate various socket configurations and pipe diameters.

In terms of socket configurations, there are three types, which are Plain Type (U-type), Rubber Ring type (R-type), and Rectangle Type.

U-type socket configuration is generally used for sewage and conduit pipes, whereas R-type is used for those pipes, which usually cater to the supply of water. Solvent glue is used to connect U-type socket pipes, whereas a spigot-type gasket is used to connect R-type and rectangle-type socketing pipes.

For PVC pipes, the U and R types of sockets are widely used.

Polyethylene (PE) pipes are commonly used for the distribution of gas, irrigation, and water supply systems. Typically, expanding belling method is utilized by belling machines for PE pipes.

In terms of socket configurations, these pipes usually deploy U-type sockets. However, PE socketing machine is a rare sight to see.

Polypropylene (PP) pipes are the kinds of pipes that are commonly used in wastewater treatment and chemical processing. These pipes are widely known for their remarkable chemical resistance.

In terms of socket configurations, PP pipes usually deploy rectangle types.

Belling machines for PP pipes can utilize either expanding belling technique or a solvent cement technique, depending on the requirements.

2.Are belling machines suitable for different types and sizes of pipes?

Yes, belling machines are designed in such a way as to accommodate different types and sizes of pipes. Given industrial applications, belling machines are manufactured to cater to the diverse needs of the industry.

Belling machines can work on multiple plastic pipes, by altering the belling mold. The diameters of these pipes can be 20-110mm, 50-250mm, and 400-800mm.

In addition to these measurements, WeCoEx is the kind of belling machine manufacturer that can provide such belling machines that can cater to a wide range of pipe sizes and diameters.

Keeping in view the diameter of the pipe and its wall thickness, the socketing mold is created.

Figure 2 Belling Machine for Different Pipe Sizes

Figure 2: Belling Machine for Different Pipe Sizes

That is why belling machines can steer a wide range of pipe materials, wall thicknesses, and pipe diameters. So, if you want a certain type and size of your PVC, PE, or PP pipe, belling machines can handle it.

Because of WeCoEx customization options, all you have to do is send us your specifications, and the rest will be taken care of.

3.What is the working principle of belling machines for PVC, HDPE, and PP pipes? 

The working principles of belling machines for PVC, HDPE, and PP pipes can vary depending on the material being used and the particular type of belling machine. The working principle of each type of belling machine is explored below.

Working principle of belling machine for PVC pipes:

A solvent cement method is generally employed in belling machines for PVC pipes. The working principle of PVC pipes starts with the heating process. The end of the pipe is heated using hot air or a heated element to soften the PVC material.

Once the end of the pipe is heated to the perfect temperature, solvent cement is added to the socket area. The softened PVC material and the solvent cement fuse, which creates a strong bond between the belling mold and the pipe end.

The cemented pipe end is then inserted into the belling mold, which has the desired shape of the socket. Once the pipe has been cooled down and the solvent cement has been set, the socket joint gets secured firmly.

Working Principle of Belling Machines for HDPE Pipes:

An expanding belling method is generally employed in belling machines for HDPE pipes. The working principle of PVC pipes starts with the heating and clamping process. Using hot air or a heating element, the pipe end is heated, and the HDPE pipe gets clamped securely.

The hot air or heating material softens the HDPE pipe, which is then expanded using a hydraulic or mechanical mechanism. The softened HDPE material is pushed outward by the expanding head of the machine, forming the bell shape.

Once the expansion is complete, the pipe is then given some time to cool down and solidify. A smooth socket is then formed, which can be easily jointed with other fittings or pipes.

Working Principle of Belling Machines for PP Pipes:

Belling machines for PP pipes can either use the expanding belling method similar to HDPE pipes or the solvent cement method similar to PVC pipes. No matter which process is deployed, the working principle remains the same as mentioned above.

However, it is essential to note that some belling machines may include automation options and additional features to elevate accuracy and efficiency. Some machines may include touchscreen interfaces, PLC controls, and multiple other belling tooling options to cater to varying sizes of pipes and sockets.

4.How to choose the right belling machine as per your requirements?

Choosing the right belling machine as per your requirements can be an intricate process. However, the process can be made easier, if you consider these factors.

Figure 3 Customized Belling Machine

Figure 3: Customized Belling Machine

The first thing you need to cater to is to determine the specifications of the pipe you will be belling (PVC, HDPE, and PP), their wall thickness, and their diameters. As mentioned earlier, belling machines can mold a wide range of pipes, which have diameters of 20-110mm, 50-250mm, and 400-800mm.

Understanding the specifications of your pipe can help narrow down your options for belling machines.

The next thing you will need to consider is to look for a belling machine manufacturer that offers flexibility and customization options.

If you need someone to accommodate different pipe sizes, production variations, and socket configurations, it is better if your belling machine manufacturer offers customizations.

Last but not least, research the track record and reputation of your chosen belling machine manufacturer.

You can look for feedback and reviews, which can help you gauge the performance and reliability of the belling machine as well as your belling machine manufacturer.

5.What are the characteristics of the belling machine?

Several factors are exhibited by belling machines, which contribute to their reliability, effectiveness, and efficiency in the pipe manufacturing process.

  • The belling methods utilized by the belling machines enable the sturdiest manufacturing of your pipes and sockets.
  • Belling machines are designed to work with certain materials, such as PVC, HDPE, and PP. Each machine is manufactured to handle the unique properties of the material it is intended for.
  • The sizes of the belling machines vary, which can accommodate a wide range of pipe diameters.
  • The belling machines have interchangeable parts or adjustable components to accommodate varying thicknesses of the pipe walls.
  • Some belling machines include automation options, such as touchscreen interfaces and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), which can enhance the precision, and overall efficiency of the production process.
  • Some belling machines also offer customization options to meet particular production requirements.
6.What are the advantages of using a belling machine for pipe manufacturing?

Using a belling machine for pipe manufacturing offers multiple advantages for the user, which include:

  • Belling machines can create reliable and strong joints in pipes, which make sure that there will be no leakages.
  • Belling machines have an automated process, which increases the output because of their faster production cycles.
  • The controlled and automated belling process ensures consistent quality in every pipe produced.
  • Belling machines have the capacity to handle a wide range of pipe materials and diameters.
  • The material waste gets minimized by the use of the belling machine, creating accurately shaped sockets.
  • Sturdy joints and pipes enhance their overall performance and functionality, leading to increased resistance of pipes to external as well as internal pressures.
  • Some belling machines also provide customization options, enabling the pipe manufacturers to adapt the machine to specific dimensions of pipe and socket configurations.
7.What are the safety features of the belling machine?

To prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of the operators, it is necessary to consider the safety features of belling machines.

Belling machine manufacturers equip the belling machines with safety guards that enclose heating elements and moving parts, preventing accidental contact with hot surfaces or moving materials.

On the control panel of the machines, there is a prominent emergency stop button. In case of an unsafe situation or emergency, pressing this button will stop the machine immediately.

To ensure that the belling machine and highly expensive material remain safe, belling machine manufacturers include overload protection mechanisms. In this way, the machine remains safe from any kind of excessive pressure or force during the belling process.

Built-in temperature control systems help maintain optimal heating levels for a particular pipe material, preventing overheating or material damage.

8.How you can ensure the quality of the belling machines?

For the reliable performance and longevity of the belling machines, it is crucial to ensure their quality.

With many amateur belling machine manufacturers in the world, it can be difficult to find one that can provide high-quality belling machines.

To acquire a highly efficient belling machine, it is important to opt for a reputable and well-established belling machine manufacturer.

You can research customer reviews and testimonials regarding a certain belling machine manufacturing to gain better insights into its track record and reputation. Positive feedback is usually termed a positive indicator of the quality of the machine.

Figure 4 High-Quality Belling Machine

Figure 4: High-Quality Belling Machine

WeCoEx is a company that has been in the belling machine manufacturing business for many years, which has enabled us to gather the right amount of experience to manufacture high-quality belling machines.

Since we want our customers to be happy with us, we also offer a 1-year guarantee on our belling machines, allowing the customers to assess their performance and quality.

9.What are the maintenance requirements for a belling machine?

Although belling machines are easy to maintain, there are still some measures that you need to take to ensure their longevity, and efficient performance and to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Figure 5 High-speed Belling Machine

Figure 5: High-speed Belling Machine

Belling machines should be regularly cleaned to keep them free from debris, dust, and residue that may accumulate during the belling process.

To prevent friction-related wear, apply lubricants to moving parts of the belling machines, such as guide rails, gears, and bearings.

Conduct regular inspections to identify potential issues early, such as damage to the heating element, wear and tear of belt and chain, and loosely-wired electrical components.

This will allow you to repair your belling machine timely.

Lastly, make sure that you check the safety features such as safety guards, interlocking mechanisms, and emergency stop buttons, to verify their proper functioning.

10.What are the two methods of cooling used in belling machines, and how do they differ in terms of efficiency and effectiveness? 

Belling machines usually employ two kinds of cooling methods, which are air cooling and water cooling. Both methods are utilized to solidify the formed sockets.

Let’s see how both of these methods differ in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

Air cooling method: As the name indicates, in the air cooling method, ambient air is used to solidify the pipe socket by cooling down the belling area.

When the heated pipe end is entered into the belling mold and the socket is created, the surrounding air is used to cool down the pipe naturally.

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Efficiency: In terms of energy consumption, this method seems to be relatively efficient because it relies on the air’s cooling properties.

No additional resources such as cooling systems or water pumps are required for the cooling process, which results in cost savings.

Effectiveness: The effectiveness of air cooling generally depends on the temperature and the circulation of air around the area of the belling mold.

In warmer situations or environments, poor circulation of air can stretch out the time needed for the cooling process to get completed, slowing the entire production process.

Water Cooling method:

In the case of the water cooling method, a water cooling system is deployed into the belling machine to facilitate more controlled and faster cooling. Your belling machine manufacturer may include water channels or sprayers as water cooling systems.

Figure 7 Highly Optimized Belling Machine

Figure 6: Belling Machines having Water Cooling Mechanism

Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Efficiency: Compared to the air cooling method, the water cooling method seems to be much more efficient because of its cooling speed.

A quicker cooling process can be employed because of the controlled flow of water.

Effectiveness: For rapid solidification of the pipe socket, the water cooling method is considered to be much more effective.

Consistent cooling is maintained through the controlled application of cool water, which reduces the chances of improper formation of the socket due to overheating.


Air cooling is much more energy-efficient than the water cooling mechanism because it works on natural convection, whereas the water cooling method involves water circulation through the use of water channels or sprayers.

However, to produce larger pipe sizes or in high-speed production lines, the water cooling method is usually preferred over the air cooling method to prevent deformation and maintain consistent quality.

11.What technical support and after-sales services are provided by belling machine manufacturers?

Different belling machine manufacturers provide different kinds of technical support and after-sales services.

Figure 7 Highly Optimized Belling Machine

Figure 7: Highly Optimized Belling Machine

However, at WeCoEx, you can find the most effective technical support and after-sales services.

We know how important it is to keep our customers satisfied, and that is why we provide a 1-year guarantee on our belling machines. In this way, our customers will be able to assess the quality of our belling machines and contact us if anything goes wrong.

Our customer support will always remain at your beck and call to assist you with your queries.

This is it, fellas! If you’re reading this, it means you have acknowledged everything there was to know about belling machines. Now, we hope you have also made your decision regarding your belling machine manufacturer. Contact us, if you have any queries!  

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