Board Extrusion Line
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Board Extrusion Line

Contactor  Schneider brand
Driving Motor  Siemens AC motor
Temperature Controller  Omron brand
Inverter  ABB brand
Screw and barrel  Bi-metallic or SKD-11
Heater Ceramic heater with SS cover
Gearbox  Chang brand
Air Switch  LS brand belongs to LG Group

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The board extrusion line is used to make different plastic material boards, like WPC foam board, WPC door board, PP construction board, HDPE board, PP board, PS foam board, PMMA board, and ABS board.

The board extrusion line has two sections consisting of a twin screw extruder and a single screw extruder. When our material is in pellets, we like to choose a single screw extruder. However, we choose a twin screw extruder when our raw material is in powder form.

PE PP POM thick board also belongs to the board extrusion line. It uses cold extrusion mold, but the speed and output are lower than hot extrusion. Almost all board extrusion lines use the hot extrusion mold in the market.

The board extrusion line has high relevance to our life, as it produces many plastic sheets or boards used in our daily lives, like furniture boards, plastic cups, door boards, and so on.

XPS foam board extrusion line is used for insulation board in the wall. It is produced by a twin screw extruder; the XPS foam board extrusion line is also one kind of board extrusion line.

WPC PVC foam board extrusion line is the most popular plastic board extrusion line. It has the highest market share and is used for advertising boards, furniture boards, and door boards. We, ar WeCoEx can change its formulations to alter its density and application according to need.

The board extrusion line is an extensive section in plastic extrusion machines and has high tech in the operation and extrusion process.

The board extrusion machine can also be used to make sheets by changing the thickness of the product.

vacuum auto loader
single screw
simens motor
cheng brand gearbox
electric pats of single screw extruder
contactor for single screw extruder
cooing fan for single screw extruder
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