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Pipeline Dryer

Contactor  Schneider brand
Driving Motor  Siemens AC motor
Temperature Controller  Omron brand
Inverter  ABB brand
Screw and barrel  Bi-metallic or SKD-11
Heater Ceramic heater with SS cover
Gearbox  Chang brand
Air Switch  LS brand belongs to LG Group

WeCoEx Can be Your Trustworthy Pipeline Dryer Supplier in China

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A pipeline dryer is used to rub the water in the waste plastic, like plastic film, plastic flakes, and plastic scraps.

The pipeline dryer is serviced for the plastic film washing line and plastic bottle washing line.

The pipeline dryer has a heating device, blower, and spiral stainless steel tube. It uses hot air to rub the moisture in the waste plastic.

The waste plastic comes from the floating tank and water separation machine to the pipeline dryer. It is an automatic machine installed in the plastic film washing machine and plastic bottle washing line.

Some clients have special requirements for the moisture content in the waste plastic flakes or plastic scraps, and we must use the pipeline dryer to do it.

A pipeline dryer, also named a thermal dryer, is connected to the last storage silo. It will blow the plastic into the silo while drying.

We coat the insulation on the ss304 pipes of the pipeline dryer, and it will keep it hot and reduce waste.

A pipeline dryer is not suitable for high water content plastic. It must be used together with a dewatering machine.

We can change the heating power of the pipeline dryer to increase its capacity or its function of removing moisture; it usually is 36KW heating power.

WECOEX is a leading pipeline dryer manufacturer in China. We can supply a very reasonable price for it.

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