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Plastic Pipe Making Machine

Contactor  Schneider brand
Driving Motor  Siemens AC motor
Temperature Controller  Omron brand
Inverter  ABB brand
Screw and barrel  Bi-metallic or SKD-11
Heater Ceramic heater with SS cover
Gearbox  Chang brand
Air Switch  LS brand belongs to LG Group

WeCoEx Can be Your Trustworthy Plastic Pipe Making Machine Supplier in China

Your Premier Plastic Pipe Making Machine Manufacturer

We have various plastic pipe-making machines, like PVC garden pipe machine, CPVC pipe making machine, HDPE pipe machine, LDPE pipe making machine, PPR pipe machine, corrugated pipe machine.

As a 20 years plastic pipe-making machine manufacturer, we have sold our plastic pipe machine to many areas, like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh; we have a high-speed plastic pipe manufacturing machine, which can save increase the competitiveness for our clients.

Plastic pipe making machine can make the plastic pipe you want, like single-layer pipe, multi-layers pipe, double-wall corrugated pipe, single wall corrugated pipe, tape pipe, multi-layers composite pipes, they can be used for cold water, hot water, chemical industry sewage, oil transportation.

Plastic pipe machine is using the extrusion process and molding process to make the plastic pipes, we have an advanced gravity system to control the pipe thickness and save your material, and all the plastic pipe making machines will be tested and confirmed by our clients, then we will ship to them after getting their approvals.

Plastic pipe making machine also consists of a single screw extruder and twin screw extruder, then extrusion dies, vacuum tank, haul-off, cutting machine, stacker, or belling machine; PVC plastic pipe making machine is different from other plastic pipe making machines, as it is using the twin-screw extruder, others use single screw extruder.

Plastic pipe making machine is the best plastic machine for pipeline system infrastructure, we have served many big clients in the world, and they have become the leading pipe manufacturers, we wish we can grow up with you together, welcome to join into our big family!

vacuum auto loader
single screw
simens motor
cheng brand gearbox
electric pats of single screw extruder
contactor for single screw extruder
cooing fan for single screw extruder

Plastic Pipe Making Machine FAQs

A plastic pipe making machine is an important piece of equipment for making various types of pipes for industrial as well as domestic use.

So, understanding the machine is imperative.

Here is a very exclusive FAQ guide relating to everything you want to know about plastic pipe making machines.

Let’s start with it!

1. What is Plastic Pipe Making Machine?

As the name indicates clearly, these are popular equipment for producing various plastic pipes having different sizes for several applications.

Plastic Pipe Making MachineFigure 1 Plastic Pipe Making Machine

The pipe produced from such plastic pipe making machines are well structured and highly durable for domestic, industrial, and large scale projects.

Mostly, the plastic pipe making machines have carbon steel (structural) or alloys as their manufacturing material.

You can get customized options in them as per your specific dimensions and particular applications.

2. What is the Working Principle of Plastic Pipe Making Machine?

Principle of Working

So, basically, the plastic pipe making machine works by melting and plasticization of solid plastic raw material under appropriately assigned conditions of temperature along with the machine’s screw rotation.

After extrusion, you will get a proper consistent plastic product in various diameters according to your demands and the die size that is actually been used to make it.


  • Foam Extrusion

The foaming of thermoplastic elastomers was done using two methods; chemical and mechanical. Hydrochloric salt is mainly for the chemical foaming that acts as a blowing agent. Then the specific gravity of foam density is maintained within the range of 0.97-0.70. any value of density lower than that will affect the production of pipe. The thermoplastic starts to degrade within temperature 180C-190C.

  • Co-Extrusion

It is basically a method of pipe making in which the manufacturer uses two completely opposite materials and blends them to make a single product. For this particular job, two extruding screws are utilized and joined in series for providing extruder glue for both of the raw plastic materials. Mostly, thermoplastic is blended with polypropylene. This way you can mix hard and soft pipe manufacturing materials easily. In this case, high hardness material is thermoplastic elastomers that act as supporting structure whereas polypropylene being low hardness material serves in providing flexibility to the finished product.

3. How Many Types of Plastic Pipe Making Machine in Our Factory? 

With increasing demand, the manufacturers put the effort into making pipes from different materials that serve separate functions.

Here are the types of plastic making machine that we manufacturer:

  • PE Plastic Pipe Making Machine

For a PE plastic pipe making machine, you can use a single screw extruder with high efficiency.

It can make PE water and gas pipes.

The diameter of the pipe produced from said plastic pipe making machine ranges from 20 – 630mm, depending on the needs of the customer.

The gearbox has a strong impulse bearing as well as a max torque yield; the gear is built of a specific alloy with a firm surface of the tooth and then a gear cutting process.

A high-quality, elevated-torque, high-velocity gearbox; a reduced-heat, low-noise, lengthy lifespan, and reducer having hard-toothed surface employed with an outside cooling system.

  • CPVC Plastic Pipe Making Machine

This three phase CPVC plastic pipe making machine is a commercial machine having twin screws.

It can be used for the production of shower pipes and many other applications.

The voltage of 220V-240V works best for operating this plastic pipe making machine whereas its frequency should be 50Hz-60Hz.

CPVC Plastic Pipe Making Machine Figure 2 CPVC Plastic Pipe Making Machine

  • UPVC Plastic Pipe Making Machine

This pipe-making equipment is primarily used to manufacture irrigation water supply pipes, drainage pipes, residential water supply, and cable-laying plastic pipes, among other applications.

Our machine uses a quite sophisticated design idea to provide efficient processing of PVC particles.

As well as a revolutionary plasticization screw design framework to assure plastic extrusion consistency and high capacity output.

UPVC Plastic Pipe Making MachineFigure 3 UPVC Plastic Pipe Making Machine

4. Where Can We Find the Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

The manufacturing countries of plastic pipe making machines are doing their job perfectly to meet the requirements of customers.

Plastic pipe making machines are manufactured in China, India, as well as Germany.

A vast proportion of pipe making machines are made in China.

5. Which Country is the Hot Market for Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

As far as the export is concerned, then countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, and the Gulf states have all received pipe extrusion machines.

Apart from these countries, there are many places where our plastic pipe making machines are exported and the receivers are satisfied with the performance of our machines.

6. What is the Application of Plastic Pipe Produced by Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine? 

Plastic pipe being light, malleable, long-lasting, and adaptable. Plastic and various composite substances are utilized to make things that are employed in a variety of applications.

Speaking of the weight of the machine and installation, the plastic pipe saves a lot of money.

Applications of Plastic PipesFigure 4 Applications of Plastic Pipes

Plastic pipe has a variety of uses, including:

  • Sprinklers for fires
  • Management of chemical fluids
  • Distribution of natural gas
  • Distribution of potable water
  • Heating on the floor

Apart from these, they are used for various other domestic, industrial, and commercial purposes.

7. Can We Find the Second Hand Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

Yes, second hand plastic pipe making machines are available at plastic pipe making machine manufacturers.

The quality of these second hand plastic pipe making machines is good and new.

Their functionality is also proper.

All these aspects make the second hand plastic pipe making machines highly economical and worth buying.

Its machine parts are checked and well evaluated before shipment to customers for satisfaction.

8. Which Kind of Extruder is Used in Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

The plastic pipe making machine uses a conical twin screw extruder for the production of pipes.

Using a conical twin screw extruder is beneficial as it provides the excellent output and maximum efficiency to the pipe making process.

9. Who Will Buy the Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

The customers of plastic pipe making machines are all over the world as pipes have vast applications in almost every field mainly construction, agriculture, gas supply, and drainage system.

With all these requirements, you need the best quality plastic pipe making machine for your specific pipe making process.

Customers from Pakistan, South Africa, the Philippines, Vietnam, etc. are mostly the buyers of our quality plastic pipe making machines.

10. How to Run a Plastic Pipe Making Machine Plant? 

We provide precise raw material ratios, manuals, video instructions, and even strategy work on plant installation and also worker training once you purchase the plastic pipe making machine.

Any issue that arises throughout the process of production, we will quickly resolve for you, either online or physically.

So, don’t be concerned about how to make PVC pipes.

Allow us first to understand well about PVC pipe manufacturing process before purchasing a plastic pipe making machine.

  • Using a mixing device, combine the raw materials: Screw loader loads combined material to the feeder with PVC powder + additive.
  • Melt the mixture using a conical screw.
  • Using an extrusion die, push melted material inside a crude pipe shape.
  • To manage the speed of production as well as pipe width, haul off the pipe at a similar extrusion speed.
  • The stacker instantly cuts pipe into specific lengths (lengths fixed by a restricted switch as well as rotary encoder) then discharges pipe (managed by a restricted switch).

11. What is the Price of Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

As far as the cost of plastic pipe making machine is concerned there are various factors that determine the pricing of such machines, like:

  • Quality of manufacturing material
  • Size of the machine
  • The capacity of the machine
  • Manufacturing company
  • Pipe dimension

All these factors determine the overall price of plastic pipe making machines.

The price of plastic pipe making machines varies from US$26,000-US$35,000.

12. How to Choose the Plastic Pipe Making Manufacturer?

When picking the proper plastic pipe making machine for your purposes, there must be three things to keep in mind.

Taking into account the following factors will assist you in locating and purchasing the ideal plastic pipe making machine:

  • A track history of success

You must ensure that your plastic pipe making machine manufacturer and distributor of preference will be active and willing to support you throughout the machine’s operating life.

A stable and successful background is the best proof of a manufacturer’s dependability and industry competence.

  • Components of excellent grade

Another important thing to consider when choosing a plastic pipe making machine manufacturer is the quality of the products and services the company provides.

Consider manufacturers who only use top-notch elements from globally available brands when it comes to the numerous components used on a plastic pipe making machine.

  • Quality of sales and support

Quality does not just refer to the extrusion machine; it also refers to the consistently provided constant assistance.

As technology advances, equipment becomes more viable and complex, making customer service an important consideration when selecting an extrusion machine manufacturer.

Indeed, even little personnel interruptions in the extrusion process might result in production mishaps and, as a result, increased operating costs.

13. What are the Advantages of Using a Plastic Pipe Making Machine? 

The following are some of the advantages you can get through a plastic pipe making machine:

  • The Electrical Equipment’ Trademark

It will simplify troubleshooting during production much smoother for you.

  • Energy Conservation

To use a power conserving energy device will save you cash on electricity.

  • After-Sale Assistance

When you speak with a knowledgeable after-sales agent, they may be able to save your time by rapidly resolving your issue.

  • Simple to install and use

Setting up the equipment and starting production will be straightforward for you.

  • Perform a test prior to shipping

All pipe extrusion machines should be inspected for any issues or missing components prior to shipping as well as loading.

Why is it Valuable to Use an Automatic Method for Plastic Pipe Making machines?

The cost of materials accounts for a considerable portion of the overall costs of pipe manufacture.

As a result, it’s critical to apply automated connection control to create the best possible lines well with the least amount of material waste.

Additionally, automated pipe making technologies are used to achieve the best width uniformity around boundary outline.

14. Which Plastic Pipe Making Machines are Famous Than Others?

Due to the simplicity through which raw ingredients can be purchased at a decent cost, PVC and HDPE plastic pipe making machines are by far the most common these days.

Some of the most widely manufactured raw materials throughout the globe are PVC and HDPE, while various countries are continuing to invest in new initiatives to create these substances. As a consequence, HDPE and PVC plastic pipe making machines are the most prevalent machines.

15. Why Screw Design is Important for Plastic Pipe Making Machines?

The screw, which is the only moving part of the plastic pipe making machine, is directly influenced by the intensity of heating, rate of input, and some other essential plastic pipe making factors.

As a result, such a device’s dimensions, as well as design, should be carefully evaluated.

To maintain uniformity, screw size along with shape is estimated based on melting speed, polymer resin thickness, fresh or raw plastic variation, and pressure.

16. What are the Controlling Factors of Pipe Making Through Plastic Pipe Making Machine?

The following are some of the factors that determine the process of pipe making:

  • Temperature of the processing

It is dependent on the composite materials; each material does have its melting temperature; thus, when inspecting the plastic pipe making machines, we must understand which substance we are using.

  • Screw rotational speed

It regulates the plastic pipe extruder’s production.

While changing the screw rate, we must also check the amperage of the plastic pipe making machine, as we can allow current to exceed the maximum value.

  • Velocity of Haul-off

If somehow the haul-off rate is not matched to the plastic pipe extruder speed, then pipes produced from the plastic pipe making machine will break.



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