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What is PVC Foam Board Machine?

The plastic board extrusion line can produces plastic sheet, plastic board, plastic hollow sheet, and plastic hollow board, the plastic board production line is produced as per the raw material kind and size/thickness of plastic sheet and board.

WeCoEx has plastic PVC sheet extrusion line, plastic PVC foam board extrusion line, PP hollow sheet extrusion line, PP hollow board extrusion line, PP solid board production line, PE board extrusion machine, PET sheet extrusion line, PP sheet extrusion line, PVC roof tile sheet extrusion line, SPC sheet making machine.

The plastic board extrusion line has the same extrusion process as other plastic extrusion products, the difference is their mold and downstream machines, we also use the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder as per different plastic materials, and we choose the size of the extruder according to the capacity.

WeCoEx plastic extrusion machine can produce smooth and average plastic sheets or plastic boards, and it can produce the plastic board stably and continuously, welcome to send inquiry to us!


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How Many Kinds PVC Foam Board Machine Does WeCoEx Make?


wpc board production line

PVC foam board extrusion line can produce crust and free foamed PVC board, we have 1220mm, 1830mm and 2150mm width PVC foam board extrusion machine, thickness from 3 to 45mm.

pvc foam board making machine

PVC sheet extrusion line can produce rigid and soft PVC sheet, the thickness from 0.8-10mm, we use three roller calendar to forming the PVC sheet, it can control the thickness of PVC sheet.

wpc board making machine

SPC sheet extrusion line is the updated version of PVC sheet extrusion line, it can make 3-8mm thickness PVC sheet, and we have online PVC film lamination device to foil the color film, the PVC sheet used as indoor flooring.

pvc foam board extrusioin line

PE sheet extrusion line use the single screw extruder as the main extrusion machine, and three roller calender to forming the thickness of PE board, we can produce 3-30mm thickness PE board extrusion machine.

wpc board extrusion line

PP hollow sheet extrusion line is used to produce PP hollow corrugated sheet, we have 1220-2600mm width PP hollow sheet making machine, and it can produce 2-18mm thickness PP hollow sheet.

PP thick board extrusion line can produce 35-100mm PP thick board with single screw extruder, the width and thickness of PP board can be customized, welcome to send inquiry to us.

PVC tile extrusion line can produce PVC glazed tile and corrugated tiles, it is a composited tiles which are consisted by PVC and ASA material, we have 720mm-1130mm width PVC roof tile extrusion line.

PC tile extrusion line is also produce the PC corrugated tiles, the PC corrugated tiles are used for carport, sun house, PC corrugated tile extrusion line can produce solid and hollow types PC roof tiles.

PVC Foam Board Machine by Different Board Application (9)

Plastic board extrusion line can produce different thickness plastic boards and plastic sheets as per your demands. 

  • Decorating PVC foam boards are produced by PVC foam board extrusion machine, we have 4-40mm PVC foam boards, they can be used as furniture boards, door boards, and wall panels for indoor decoration.

  • SPC floorings are PVC floorings, it is environmentally cheap flooring, we can use it for indoor floorings decoration, it can instead of lamination flooring, wood floorings, and bamboo floorings. SPC floorings are produced by WeCoEx SPC sheet extrusion line, it can reach 30-40ton/per day with each line.

  • PP construction board is used for building templates, it is produced by PP hollow construction board extrusion line, we have 915x1830mm PP board size, and it is used to instead of steel and wood template. PP Construction board can be cut and recycled, and it also can be bent at a big angle.

  • HDPE board can be used as spare parts of mechanical, electrostatic plate, it is produced by three roller calendering and single screw extruder, we have 1200-3000mm widht HDPE board extrusion machine, and the roller can be customized

  • Gas and Petroleum Pipes

    Thick wall HDPE pipes and multi-layers HDPE EVOH pipes can be used for gas and petroleum transportation, HDPE pipe can bear high pressure, and it also can make big diameter which extend to 2000mm, HDPE EVOH pipes can provent air go inside the pipe, it is widely used in petroleum station.

  • City Sewage Pipes

    Hollow wall HDP pipes, carat/krah pipes and double wall HDPE corrugated pipes are used for sewage pipes, and they are light and low cost to be installed underground, it can make max. 4000mm by our plastic pipe extrusion machine, and we can make SN4. SN8 pipes.

  • PVC Foam Board

    The silicone core HDPE tube and HDPE bundle pipe or COD pipes are used as communication tubes, they are widely used for net and communications tubes, silicone core tube is convenient for us to thread the wires, and it also can identify different functions of communication wires in the tubes.

  • PVC Foam Board

    PPR pipe and PEX-AL-PEX pipes can bear hot water, they are mostly used for home decoration, and we only need small diameter, normally, we only need 16-63mm PPR pipes which are fast moving in the market, PEX-AL-PEX pipes are used as heating pipes in our house, as it is easy to be bended and installed.

  • PVC Foam Board

    Soft PVC pipes are used as industrial pipes mostly, like PVC steel wire reinforced pipes, they are used to connected with industrial pump, as it can bear pressure.

WECOEX PVC Foam Board Machine Advantages

Customized Service
Customized Service

WeCoEx produces all plastic pipe extrusion machines as per the client’s request, like capacity, plastic raw material, electronic brand, and length of the plastic pipe production line.

Long time after-sales service
Long time after-sales service

WeCoEx supply one year after-sales service for all our plastic pipe extruding machines, and we supply free spare parts within in 1 year guarantee.

high production
High Output

WeCoEx has high efficiency single screw extruder and conical twin screw extruder for plastic pipe extruding machine, we always use the best pipe extruder in our machines.

Strict FAT system
Strict FAT system

WeCoEx always supply factory acceptance test for all plastic pipe making lines no matter we have this request from our client or not. It is our basic regulation for all machines.

Remote Control

We adopt remote control for haul-off, as when we start the plastic pipe extrusion line, we need a remote control to control it, and we also have local control function for haul-off, besides we also use the servo motor and independent motor for each claw of tractor, it can ensure its sync working.

Besides, we also have a remote monitoring function, when you sit in your office, you can start the machine and collect all capacity data.

Chipless Cutter

Chipless Cutter

WeCoEx only uses a chipless cutter for all our plastic pipe manufacturing lines, and we equipped an Oil-tech brand oil pump for feeding the blade, it works stably, and the cutting mouth will be smooth.

We use aluminum clamping for the chipless cutter, it can adjust the center distance, it is good for chamfering function, and it will increase the production cost of our plastic pipe-making machine.

we have rich experience in plastic pipe machines for more than 20 years.



Why Choose WeCoEx to Customize your PVC Foam Board Machine

PVC conduit pipe line

WeCoEx is one of the leading plastic pipe extrusion machine manufacturers in China, we exported more than 100sets of plastic pipe extrusion lines all over the world, and we get satisfaction from our clients.

We use thick steel square pipes as the frame of the plastic pipelines, so the weight of our machines is much heavier than others, and we only use the stainless steel 304 material on the machine where contact with water.

WeCoEx can be your trustable machine partner, as our aim is wished clients can buy high-quality plastic pipe extruding machines at a reasonable price, if you are facing any problem with your current plastic pipe extrusion lines, we can supply free solutions for you.

OEM & ODM PVC Foam Board Machine from WeCoEx

PVC pipe production line

The extrusion process of all plastic pipe extrusion lines is almost the same, they use the pipe extruder to melt the plastic, and a mold is used to size the pipe diameter, then cooled and cut.

Their main extruder is a single screw extruder or twin screw extruder, then to pipe mold, cooling tank, haul-off, cutter.

The wall thickness of plastic pipe can be adjusted for HDPE and PPR pipes, but for PVC pipes, it is fixed, we cannot change it during production, so there is a little difference between HDPE pipe extrusion machine and PVC pipe extrusion line.

Welcome to contact our engineer for more information.

Who Will PVC Foam Board Machine

Road contractor will need plastic sewage pipe, as you maybe can not find the big diameter plastic sewage pipes, and big diamenter is not easy to transported, it is better to produced them locally.

Water Supply Company

Water supply companies produce the plastic pipes for their owing business, they can save cost to make plastic pipes by themselves, and they can control the quality of plastic pipes as well.

pvc foam board machine
WeCoEx- High Efficient PVC Foam Board Machine Manufacturer in China

Produced more than 100sets Plastic pipe extrusion lines annually, sign FAT paper by our inspection department. 

Tech and Data of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

No. Pipe range Extruder Claw of Haul-off Cutter Type of Socketing
1 16-32mm four cavities SJSZ65 conical twin screw extruder 2claws Chip free cutter U type belling
2 16-63mm  double cavities Cm51 or 65 conical twin screw extruder 2 belts Lift cutter U type belling
3 50-110mm

Double cavities

65 conical twin screw extruder 2 claws Chip free cutter U/R/blowing type belling
4 50-160mm Double cavities Cm80 conical twin screw extruder 2 claws Chip free cutter U/R/blowing type belling
5 50-160mm single cavities 65 conical twin screw extruder 3 claws Planetary cutter U/R/blowing type belling
7 200-400mm single cavity Cm80 conical twin screw extruder 4 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
8 315-630mm single cavity Cm92 conical twin screw extruder 6 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
9 400-800mm single cavity Cm110 conical twin screw extruder 8 claws Planetary cutter U/R type socketing
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    Mohsen from Iran
  • “Excellent job done by WeCoEx team, they give us professional advice and training, we wish them happy and good health every day “

    Manson Philippines
  • “We have known each other 5 years, and we like the high quality of their plastic extrusion machines, thank you Mr. Tony and your team “

PVC Foam Board Machine – Everything You Need to Know

In today’s fast-paced landscape of industries, various versatile materials and machines have emerged, with PVC Foam Board Machines coming on top. These versatile machines are deployed in various applications, which will be explored together in this guide.

Figure 1 PVC Foam Boards

Figure 1: PVC Foam Boards

The main aim of this guide is to offer meaningful insights into the machinery and processes involved along with emphasizing and understanding the intricacies of PVC foam board machines.

Whether you’re a newcomer in the industry or a seasoned industry giant, exploring the world of PVC foam board machines can provide essential knowledge regarding the operations and functionality of PVC foam board production line.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the world of PVC foam board machines!

1.What is a PVC Foam Board Machine?

Also known as the WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) PVC foam board machine, PVC foam board machine is a specialized manufacturing equipment, primarily designed for producing PVC foam boards.

Figure 2 PVC Foam Board Machine

Figure 2: PVC Foam Board Machine

By combining PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) resin with wood fiber and additives along with some other reinforcing materials, these PVC foam boards are engineered.

The primary function of the PVC foam board machine is to process the raw materials into PVC foam boards, keeping in view the desirable surface finish, thickness, and density. The desired compositions of the materials are achieved through a variety of processes, including mixing, extrusion, cooling, and shaping.

The applications of PVC foam boards are wide-ranging. From proving useful to the construction industry to engineering durable furniture board, these versatile machines are efficiently changing the game.

2.What are the characteristics of a PVC Foam Board Machine?

PVC foam board machines offer a variety of characteristics, each fulfilling its vital job in the manufacturing of foam boards.

Figure 3 Versatile PVC Foam Board Machine

Figure 3: Versatile PVC Foam Board Machine

Some of the most vital characteristics are mentioned below.

  • Extrusion Process: To create a uniform sheet of PVC board, the PVC foam board machine uses an extrusion process. This process helps in mixing raw materials, which are then forced through a die.
  • Material Versatility:PVC foam board machines are designed to work with myriads of materials, which include wood fiber, fillers, PVC resins, additives, and the like, which also allow customization of the properties of foam boards.
  • Precision Control:To ensure a consistent quality of the product, conventional PVC foam board machines consist of advanced control features for maintaining precise speed, pressure, and temperature.
  • Customizable Output:The parameters of the PVC foam board machines can be adjusted to manufacture varying degrees of surface finishes, thicknesses, and densities to meet your specific requirements.
  • High Efficiency:PVC foam board machines are designed in such a way that they cater to the high productivity of the materials through efficient cooling and cutting systems.
  • Energy Efficiency:To reduce environmental impact and operational costs, many PVC foam board machines have incorporated energy-saving technologies.
  • User-friendly Design: One of the most vital characteristics of PVC foam board machines is their user-friendly design, which makes them easy to operate and accessible.
  • Safety Features:Many PVC foam board machines come with safety buttons, including protective covers and emergency stop buttons, which aid in ensuring the safety of the operators.
  • Automation Options: To reduce labor costs and streamline the process of production, various PVC foam board machines come with automation options, such as packaging systems and automatic stacking.
3.What are the different parts of a PVC Foam Board Machine?

A conventional PVC foam board machine consists of a variety of parts, and each of these parts performs a specific function entitled to them in the process of production.

Figure 4 Different Parts of PVC Foam Board Machine

Figure 4: Different Parts of PVC Foam Board Machine

The main parts of the PVC foam board machine are detailed below:

  • Extruder: The heart of the machine is known as the extruder, where the mixing and melting of the primary raw materials take place. Once they are fully mixed and melted, these raw materials are forced through a die to develop a continuous sheet.
  • Extruding Die:This component of the PVC foam board machine is used to shape the molten mixture of PVC into the desired thickness and profile. This component is highly important when it comes to determining the surface finish and final dimensions.
  • Vacuum Forming Table:Vacuum forming table helps cool and stabilize the shape of the board, as it contains vacuum system and water inside the table.
  • Cooling Frame: To maintain the desired shape and properties of the PVC foam boards, they need to be cooled down immediately.
  • Eight Roller or Ten Roller Haul-off: This component of the PVC foam board machine helps to pull the PVC foam board away from the extrusion die consistently.Moreover, it helps in pulling the board in a straight manner, providing the required shape.
  • Cutting Machine:To cut the continuous PVC foam board into individual sheets of the required length, it makes sure that the sizing and trimming of the PVC foam boards remain accurate and consistent.
  • Robot Hand for Staking PVC Board:it helps to stack the cut PVC foam boards or individual sheets neatly for easy packaging and handling.

In addition, various PVC foam board machines also include ancillary systems and components. By working together, these components efficiently engineer the PVC foam boards that meet your desired specifications.

4.What is the manufacturing process of the PVC Foam Board Machine?

To manufacture your PVC foam boards, the PVC foam board machine should work in harmony with the formulation of raw material, while also making sure that the engineers and technicians working the machine have the required expertise to operate. If any of these are not in sync, you will not be able to produce high-quality PVC foam boards.

Other than that, the manufacturing process of the PVC foam board machine is similar to all PVC foam board machines except for some alterations depending on the specific design of the machine as well as the desired characteristics of the PVC foam boards.

5.What products can PVC Foam Board Machine make?

A PVC foam board machine is capable of manufacturing myriads of products, each tailored to certain applications and density requirements. However, the most significant products manufactured by PVC Foam Board Extrusion Machine are:

  • Furniture Boards

With a density of around 0.55, PVC foam boards are suitable for furniture applications. Furniture boards are not only lightweight but also sturdy.

The PVC foam board used for furniture board is laminated with the help of PVC film or PET film to give the boards desired colors and patterns. The furniture foam boards are processed by a hot-glue PUR lamination machine or a cold-glue PVC lamination machine.

In addition, the furniture boards manufactured by PVC foam board machines are ideal for constructing various furniture pieces, including cabinets and shelves.

Figure 5 Furniture Boards Manufactured by PVC Foam Board Machine

Figure 5: Furniture Boards Manufactured by PVC Foam Board Machine

  • Construction Boards

PVC foam boards, which have high density, usually around 0.8 to 0.9 are most suitable to be used for construction purposes. These construction boards are also known as crusted boards.

Such boards offer excellent durability and strength, which contributes to the longevity of these boards. In addition, the robustness of these boards makes them suitable for various building applications, including wall cladding, insulation panels, and false ceilings.

Figure 6 Construction Boards

Figure 6: Construction Boards

  • Advertising Boards

The advertising industry usually utilizes boards consisting of lower density, which makes the PVC foam boards with 0.35 density suitable for the respective industry. These advertising boards are also known as free foam boards or KT boards.

The surface of these boards is not only lightweight but also smooth, making it easy to print on. In this way, advertising boards can be utilized in various promotional materials, including exhibition boards, signs, and displays.

Figure 7 Advertising Boards Manufactured by PVC Foam Board Machine

Figure 7: Advertising Boards Manufactured by PVC Foam Board Machine

PVC foam boards can be printed with the help of 3-D printing machine. Through this machine, the ink can be easily applied to the PVC foam boards, promoting similarity to printing on paper or non-woven sheets. Moreover, PVC foam boards can be recycled, which means you can use them to create new PVC foam boards, which is a widely recognized application in advertising boards.

6.What are the different types of PVC Foam Board machines?

To meet the specific requirements and capabilities of the production process, various kinds of PVC foam board machines are currently roaming in the market. However, the most common types are:

  • Single-layer PVC Foam Board Extrusion Machine

To produce a single-layered PVC foam board, the production line only has one main extruder which is 80/156cm or 80/173cm or 92/188cm and is typically known as conical twin screw extruder. This extruder can produce crusted PVC foam board or free foam board depending on the temperature of water in the die head.

Figure 8 Single-Layer PVC Foam Board Extrusion Machine

Figure 8: Single-Layer PVC Foam Board Extrusion Machine

Single layer PVC foam board extruding machine is the recommended choice for a market centered on advertising boards.

  • Three-layer PVC Foam Board Extrusion Line

Comparing the single layer WPC foam board extrusion line and three layers WPC board extrusion line, it is found out that the latter involves two main extruders along with an additional 65/132cm extruder as co-extruder.

One of the advantages of using a three-layer production line is that it allows the use of recycled material in the middle layer, while making use of the virgin material for the outer layers, saving huge costs for you.

To get a colorful board, you can also add different color powders into the co-extruder, which helps in changing the color of the surface.

Because of the PVC surface the PVC foam boards manufactured more three-layer PVC foam board machine are much more rigid than single-layer PVC foam boards. The PVC surface of the three-layer PVC foam boards is also much smoother and shinier.

7.Which country is the PVC foam board machine popular in?

The popularity of the PVC foam board machine generally varies from region to region, but there are two countries where the PVC foam board machines are soaring – India and Pakistan.

Both of these countries have growing construction and advertising industries, which is why PVC foam board machines have gained popularity in these regions.

In addition, the cost-effectiveness and versatility of these PVC foam board machines also contribute to their increased utilization by India and Pakistan. These boards are also capable of replacing wooden boards, traditional wooden door panels, and other materials in various applications.

PVC foam boards laminated with PVC firm wood pattern show close resemblance to the real wood, which serves as a good alternative to natural wood, proving not only cost-effective but also provides myriads of wood pattern options. Since the products are environmentally friendly, they can be recycled efficiently.

8.Compared to wooden boards or plywood, what are the advantages of PVC foam boards?

Comparing PVC foam boards with wooden boards or plywood, we have identified various reasons why PVC foam boards take the lead.

  • Lightweight and Durable: PVC foam boards are generally lighter in weight and more durable as compared to wooden boards or plywood, which makes them easier to install, handle, and transport.
  • Moisture Resistance:PVC foam boards don’t absorb water, making them moisture-resistant. PVC foam boards don’t swell, rot, or warp when exposed to moisture, which makes them suitable for wet environments, unlike wood or plywood.
  • Termite Resistance:Wooden boards or plywood can easily fall victim to termites whereas PVC foam boards don’t have such attraction to termites, making them a more durable choice in regions, which are prone to termite infestations.
  • Fire Resistance:PVC foam boards are manufactured with fire-resistant properties, which makes them unable to catch on fire unlike wooden boards or plywood.
  • Chemical Resistance:Wooden boards or plywood can easily corrode when exposed to corrosive environments. However, PVC foam boards don’t pose such calamities as they are highly chemical-resistant.
  • Smooth Surface: Compared to wooden boards, PVC foam boards have smoother surfaces, which makes them ideal for laminating, printing, and painting.
  • Ease of Fabrication: It is much easier to cut, mold, and shape PVC foam boards than wooden boards, which means that PVC foam boards can be easily glued, drilled, and routed according to the requirements.
  • Low Maintenance: Minimal maintenance is required for the upkeep of the PVC foam boards, whereas wooden boards require regular maintenance, sealing, painting, or sealing to maintain their structural integrity and appearance.
  • More patterns and colors: Because of the flexibility in changing the PVC firm, the PVC foam boards provides myriads of design possibilities. With just a quick swap of the film, you can open a whole new world of distinctive colors, textures, and patterns.Figure 9 PVC Foam Boards in Different Patterns and Colors

    Figure 9: PVC Foam Boards in Different Patterns and Colors

9.Which auxiliary or other machines are needed to make PVC furniture board or WPC door panels? 

Other than PVC foam board machines, various other machines can be used in the production process of PVC furniture boards or WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) door panels.

Some of the commonly used auxiliary machines are:

  • Lamination Machine 

A lamination machine is used for the application of protective or decorative lamination to the surface of PVC furniture boards of WPC door panels. This lamination film has different pattern and color, and make the PVC foam board look more beautiful and elegant.

Figure 10 Lamination Machine

Figure 10: Lamination Machine

  • Printing Machine

Screen printers or UV ink printers are the printing machines, which are primarily utilized for adding custom graphics, designs, or patterns to the surface of WPC door panels or PVC furniture boards.

These are generally used to print whimsical, artistic, and often customized designs.

  • Edge Branding Lamination Machine

The exposed edges of the WPC door panels or PVC furniture boards are designed by applying edge strips or edge branding with the help of an edge branding lamination machine.

This machine helps in providing edge durability and protection when exposed to tough environments. In addition, the appearance of the PVC furniture boards or WPC door panels is enhanced.

  • Vacuum Forming Machine

To mold and shape PVC sheets into complicated 3D contours or shapes, a vacuum forming machine is employed.

Figure 11 Vacuum Forming Machine

Figure 11: Vacuum Forming Machine

However, these machines are generally not usable for flat PVC furniture boards but you may use a vacuum forming machine for creating more intricate 3D components or designs.

  • Engraving Machine

As the name indicates, an engraving machine is used to engrave or add textured patterns to the surface of WPC door panels or PVC furniture boards.

Figure 12 Engraving Machine

Figure 12: Engraving Machine

For decorative applications, this machine can come in handy as it helps in creating textured and unique finishes for your products.

10.What is the difference between a PVC foam board machine and a PVC sheet machine?

PVC foam board machines and PVC sheet machines differ in their thickness. PVC foam board machine can make 4-40mm board, and PVC sheet machine produce 1-10mm thickness sheet along with a thin free foam board.

  • Output of the product

PVC foam boards machine has bigger capacity due to its wall thickness is higher.

On the other hand, a PVC sheet machine is used to manufacture flat PVC sheets which is solid or transparent. The sheet can also stick on the PVC foam board.

  • Soft and hard PVC Sheets

PVC sheet machines have the capability of producing both soft and hard PVC sheets. The choice of processing parameters along with the formulation helps in customizing the rigidity and flexibility of the sheets.

Figure 13 PVC Sheets

Figure 13: PVC Sheets

Soft PVC sheets are usually honed in the making curtains, flexible covers, and inflatable products, whereas hard PVC sheets are utilized for packaging, construction, and signage.

  • Compatibility

PVC sheet machine produce such PVC sheets that can easily adhere to PVC foam boards, which combines the power of both materials, making them more beneficial in the construction as well as advertising industries.

In such industries, the hard surface of the PVC foam boards provides the necessary protection, whereas PVC sheets serves as a primary layer for graphics.

  • Flexibility

PVC sheet machines are capable of producing sheets, which contain multiple finishes, including textured, glossy, and matte surfaces. This ability to customize is highly valuable in applications, which demand tactile qualities or specific visuals.

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