PVC Marble Sheet Making Machine
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  • 400kg/h marble sheet production
  • Low production cost on cheap formula
  • Vivid imitation marble instead of stone marble
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PVC Marble Sheet Making Machine

SJZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder  1set
T-die  1set
Three roller calender  1set
PVC film un-winding device 1set
Oil temperature controller  1set
Cooling frame 1set
Tractor  1set
Shearing cutter  1set

WeCoEx Can be Your Trustworthy PVC Marble Sheet Making Machine Supplier in China

pvc marble sheet extrusion line

1220mm PVC marble sheet making machine can produce 1220mm width rigid PVC sheet, the PVC film pattern can be chosen with your client’s requirements, and the thickness also can be adjustable between 1-4mm.

Main data: 

  • motor power: 55KW
  • Capacity: 350-400kg/h

Your Premier PVC Marble Sheet Machine Manufacturer

PVC Marble Sheet Machine, also called PVC artificial sheet extrusion machines, can produce PVC marble sheets used instead of real stone marble.

PVC marble sheet machine uses a conical twin-screw extruder as its main extruder. It can add 300% calcium carbonate to the formula, so it has marble-like hardness.

PVC marble sheet machine has an online lamination device and hot-stamping device; we can choose PVC lamination film or PVC hot-stamping film. The pattern of the film can also be chosen and designed.

PVC marble sheet making machine produces 1220mm width and 1-4mm thickness sheet. When making a thin sheet, the sheet can be used as the surface film of furniture. Yet, when producing a 2-3mm thickness sheet, it is used for wall decoration, like hotel wall, hotel hall, entertainment wall.

PVC marble sheet machine has a continuous production process. We can make the length of the marble sheet that we want; typically, the finished marble sheet is 1220x2440mm in size, which is the standard Polywood board or furniture board.

PVC marble sheet machine is not only used to make PVC marble sheets, but it can also make soft PVC sheets or other PVC rigid sheets. When we laminate marble pattern film on the sheet, it looks like marble, and we call it PVC marble sheet extrusion machine.

PVC marble sheet extrusion machine is similar to SPC flooring extrusion line. The SPC flooring extrusion line is the upgrade machine on the PVC marble sheet machine.

We have rich experience in PVC marble sheet lines. If you want to know more details about the machines and investing cost, please contact our sales team.

PVC marble sheet size 1220mm width and 2440mm length standard
Thickness of sheet 1-4mm
Size of extruder SJZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder
Total installation power 170KW without high-speed mixer
Length of production line 25meters
vacuum auto loader
single screw
simens motor
cheng brand gearbox
electric pats of single screw extruder
contactor for single screw extruder
cooing fan for single screw extruder
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